The Language of Statistics

In November 2012 I wrote about the use of statistics in football, and the backlash against them, for the now defunct You can read the article in its original context via the Wayback Machine, or by scrolling down. Some of my examples feel a bit dated, but otherwise I’d stand by what I wrote.

Over recent years, the use of statistics in sport has become increasingly common. Match of the Day and Sky Sports routinely present us with the basic stats at the end of matches – shots, shots on targets, fouls, etc. These stats are useful, insightful to a point. Even if you see the stats at the bottom of a print media match report, you can get a sense of how balanced the match was, whether the winners deserved their win.

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In Which I Discuss Numbers as a Foreign Language

Over the weekend, an article I’ve written for BornOffside was published. Branching out from my normal area of lower league football, I wrote some all encompassing thoughts about the use of statistics in football.

You can read what I had to say by clicking here for Speaking Statiscally