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Welcome to my blog!

When I started this blog back in November, I wanted to do so in a low-key way, just in case everything fell apart and I ended up making a total fool of myself. (The key to success is negative thinking – it keeps you hungry.)
I’ve not been promoting the blog properly in ‘real life’, so if you just know me casually, there’s a good chance you won’t know I’ve been writing, both on this blog and other websites.
I’ve also picked up a few new followers over recent weeks, so it’s as good a time as any to go through the different things I write here.

For a short breakdown of the different Categories I’ve used, see the Navigation bar above.
There. That’s pretty much it, end of post. How about we discuss the topical issues of the day – errm, politics?

Those swords definitely aren’t compensating for anything.

Okay, a bit more detail.
I’ve taken a look at a few TV programmes from a slightly technical point of view, (looking at what works and what doesn’t) including a 2000+ word look at the first four minutes of Friends’ pilot. The more I think about the fact I did that, the more I start to worry about what drove me to write at such length.

I’ve written a series of reviews – I’ve fallen behind on my aim of reading a book a week on average and reviewing them all, and I’ve reviewed other things, mainly sitcoms.

I’ve written a few posts that can be classed as either rants or opinion pieces, spoof news for parody website The Leaky Wiki, and other things that are intended to be funny.
I’ve been writing for football website, including a mostly weekly column on England’s lower leagues – Leagues One, Two, and the Conference.

So that’s basically what I do here, with more to come in the future. Feel free to click around, and, as always, comments are appreciated.

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