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In Pursuit of Glory

A heart beats beneath a trio of lions
Hope. Excitement. Belief. Disbelief.
The future lies unwritten. Glory is plausible.
Glory is within reach.

It is a dream, and most dreams fail.
Most dreams fade.
Most dreamers cannot force their dream onto reality.
Most dreamers lack the wit, the invention.
A dream is a glimpse of a purer world:
A world of larger than life heroes,
A world where heartwrenching effort yields reward.
A dream is a vision of a world without heartbreak.

But dreams do not all die – the best persist.
This moment will persist.
We will look back on the memory of  a dream.
When glory was within reach.

The summer of 2018, when young warriors exceeded expectations.
When a talented but untested squad pulled together.
When a nation cast aside their sense of entitlement,
Allowing young potential the room to blossom,
Then cast aside cynicism when it was proven false.

A waistcoated manager and a bullet-headed forward,
United by their intelligence and humility.
Hardworking, tough and smart,
Representing the best of us.
How we see ourselves.
How we wish to be.
This is what the pursuit of glory can do.
This is how heroes are forged.
The blend of talent and sweat,
Bringing glory into reach.

A nation stands on a precipice.
The next few days will provide context for previous weeks.
Context which will colour the memory.
Heartbreak would be wonderful:
Heartbreak is tender when the love remains pure.
Noble defeat, full of creativity and fire
Is something for even the coldest heart to admire.
Victory… Victory would be even better.

These are the days which will be the stuff of nostalgia.
These are the days we will look back on.
We will one day envy the people we are now.
Glory is within reach.
England expects that every man will do his utmost.

Lions_Family_Portrait_Masai_Mara by Benh LIEU SONG
Three lions in the wild. / Photo by Benh Lieu Song, via Wikimedia Commons.

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