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The Lobster is King

Lobsters have a patriarchy
Therefore patriarchy is natural.
It’s science.
We should embrace the natural order
And force the honeybee to do the same.
Witches are real:
They live in swamps.
Be precise in your speech.

Nationalise the vagina.
Enforced monogamy is necessary.
I will not use the pronoun ‘they’.
It is authoritarian to force me to be polite.
Marxism is on the rise.
Postmodern neo-Marxism.
Postmodern neo-Marxist Cultural Bolshevikism.
Words no longer have meaning.
Dragons are real.
They are a category.
Like predators are a category.
Be precise in your speech.
The sexual marketplace must be rigged,
To compensate for male brutality.
Lives would be saved:
Elliot Rodger could have been prevented
By a National Courtesan Service.
(Maybe not Omar Mateen,
But no system is perfect.)
It is conscientious for women to be agreeable.
This is science.
This is logic.
This is rationality.
Clean your room to ensnare a Chaos Dragon.
Men are violent.
Women must pay the price.
But be careful not to say that:
Be imprecise in your speech.
European Lobster by Bart Braun, Wikimedia Commons 2017-10-22.jpg

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