Being a shambolic person, the categories here at ScifiFootball are not as well organised as I would like.

‘Football Opinion’ posts are my opinion on a football-related subject.

‘Egotism’ are posts where I talk about myself, my writing process and the things I’m writing.

‘Review’ posts are those in which I review a book or programme without giving away too much about what happens within the story, basically to let you know if it’s worth watching.

‘Analysis’ posts are a more overall analytical look at the programme, film or book – the themes used, the storytelling methods, how similar programmes have used similar ideas, so on. These will generally include key plot-points and the climax of the story, so to be avoided if you don’t want spoilers.

‘Storytelling Geekery’ posts are those where I look at the structure of stories in quite a geeky way. Whereas an ‘analysis’ is focused tightly on one text, ‘storytelling geekery’ is more abstract.

A ‘Close Reading’ is a close analytical look at a small section of a work of fiction.

‘Film & Television Opinion’ are opinion pieces on films and TV that don’t fit into the ‘Analysis’ category.

‘Comedy’ posts are those that are intended to be funny.

‘Politics’ posts are ones that look at the political implications of a work of fiction. I try to keep this site apolitical and respectful of differing opinions, but obviously morality and politics intersect, and a work of fiction will have a worldview of some sort, even if accidental.

‘Read My Fiction’ is me asking you to read some of my fiction.

‘Read My Poetry’ is me asking you to read my poetry. (Some of these are pretty obvious, aren’t they?.)

‘Recommendations’ is me promoting a friend or acquaintance whose work I like, being open about my bias, but letting you know that I like the work they’ve made.

‘Incoherent Nonsense’ is something I shared here a few times, basically doing what’s known as a ‘braindump’ to get me writing quickly at the start of a day.

At one point I was writing ‘Recaps’ on a Monday, recapping everything I’d written the previous week. I may go back to writing these at some point, particularly if I become more prolific.