Back in the Lower Leagues…

Having not found the time to write a Lower League Week last midweek, a Lower League Fortnight went up at Born Offside yesterday morning.

There seems to have been a lot of managerial sackings, resignations and appointments over the last fortnight, so they dominate the column.

Get it?

Plus there’s been racial abuse at a football stadium, so for people who can’t get enough of that kind of thing (there seems to be a lot working in Fleet Street) you can read about Hartlepool fans yelling at Marvin Morgan.

Click here to read the “We’re Mostly Not Racist” edition


Gillingham FC 0 Mark McCammon 1

Racism is a serious issue. What’s more, it’s a serious issue that no-one’s openly in favour of. As a result, allegations of racism get heated, passions get raised and calm discussions are difficult.

In the past month, a footballer named Mark McCammon has taken his previous club, Gillingham FC, to an employment tribunal, accusing them, amongst other things, of racial discrimination.

It’s a story that’s been pretty widely reported, even by media outlets that rarely give much attention to football clubs the size of Gillingham.

You can read my thoughts on the story over at Born Offside.