The Storytelling of Donald Trump

I’ve tried to keep this blog apolitical over the years I’ve been writing it, on and off. I think it can be obnoxious when writers and entertainers use their pulpit for a different purpose to what the reader wants, especially when those political arguments are not particularly unique, insightful or intelligent.

But the election of Donald Trump is an event which I feel should cause me to break that principle. Storytelling is important to politics, and Donald Trump won the election because he’s a better storyteller than Hillary Clinton. He has a stronger history of corruption than the Clintons, and his charity foundation is less transparent than theirs.

No caption could make this funny.

During his campaign Donald Trump wove a web of lies which added up to a story which was, in its way, positive and inspirational, a story about a better future. Barrack Obama became president because of his appeal to idealism, his argument that ‘yes we can’ do the idealistic things we want to do. Donald Trump won because he made the case that he would ‘make America great again’. There was no such clear-cut story from Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump – a millionaire son of millionaires with a history of corruption and misusing libel laws to silence his opponents – has become the most powerful person in the world, because Hillary Clinton and her campaign team were poor storytellers.

Tell positive, inspirational stories. It really is important.

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