What I’ve Been Up To

This is a post I’ve been planning to write for a few weeks, and, as the previous blog post probably makes clear, my intent was to write it before that post went up. (A brief bit of advice from experience, saving a post as a draft makes more sense than scheduling it in that situation.)
I only wrote 3 blog posts in October, the lowest total since July 2012, and didn’t write a Lower League Week for I think around 7 weeks. There’ve also been a series of other things I’ve been planning to write for the blog that have been delayed.

The central reason for my semi-absence from web writing is that I’ve recently started a university course as a mature student, and I’m just now finding a new equilibrium, to allow myself to keep on top of my work while continuing the various writing I’ve been doing.
As a slightly strange contradiction, while I’ve had less time to write, I’ve felt more inspired by the university work – an English degree combining analysis and creative fiction. Hopefully when I fully settle into my new equilibrium I’ll have both the time and creative energy to write good stuff more regularly than I had been in the past.

Despite my partial absence in October, the stats section shows I had the highest viewing figures for a single month, beating out April 2012, when I also wrote fewer blog posts than normal. So it seems the key for me to get high viewing figures on my blog is to not write on it – which isn’t entirely flattering for a wannabe writer.

Extrapolating from that, this is the complete manuscript for my planned novel.
Extrapolating from that, this is the complete manuscript for my planned novel.

My intent at the start of this month, rather than taking part in NaNoWriMo in a traditional sense, was to grab hold of the various projects, various loose ideas running through my head, and organise them. I’ve ideas for long-running fiction that’ll take a large period of time to write, quick short stories that could be written in a few days, as well as one or two short things that are complete and I’m not entirely sure what to do with at the moment.
But there’s enough there to take up a new post, which I intend to get round to writing before too long.

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