I’m Back!

Remember me?

For a variety of reasons, I’ve put the blog on hold for a while, not managing to find the time to write anywhere online for the past four months, and only writing fiction irregularly. The reasons include university work, trying to organise a short film, and doing research and plotting for both a series of short stories and a screenplay. One of the initial themes I had planned for this blog was to write about my writing process, which I intend to do more from now on.

All writers are frustrated by their own incompetence.
All writers are frustrated by their own incompetence.

There’s also a bunch of things that I literally haven’t done for more than a year – looking at story structure of old films, in depth analyses of specific episodes of TV shows, so on, as well as reviews and the like. I’ve done more research than writing recently, and I’ve missed the satisfaction from getting things finished.

I’ve also discovered that The Leaky Wiki, a satirical news website which I used to write for, no longer exists. I think my last post on the site was sometime around a year ago, when the site as a whole was posting new material less and less regularly – recently I’ve discovered that the domain has now ran out, and has not been renewed. There’s further bad news in that I only saved the pages of the first half dozen or so articles I posted there, and I’m not sure how many I saved hard copies of. But over the next few weeks and months I’ll be searching through my files, trying to find out how much I can recover. While also making sure I have some sort of copy of everything I’ve written.

Oh, and this is my 200th post. My experience in the two and a half years since I started blogging (both here and on other sites) has been a little mixed, but if I treat it as a variant on Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule, each post is a step closer to honing my writing skills.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!”

  1. You’re a lazy shit, make no mistake about it.

    The issue of losing posts when a website goes down is a pertinent one – I really need to get around to copying and pasting my stuff into a Word document…

    Congratulations on 200 posts.


    1. I’m an embarrassment to myself and others.

      The really annoying thing is, I used to write for a football site,, years back, and lost my posts when that shut down, so I’d started saving my posts when I first started out. I think I only lasted the first three or four before I got out of the habit…


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