Harry’s Flaws

Harry Redknapp is a talented football manager. His Tottenham team are currently third in the table, they are playing an entertaining style, and he’s the first English manager to challenge for the title for about ten, fifteen years.

God, that’s a depressing thought.

Harry Redknapp, being stalked by a giant seagull with a bad haircut.

The England manager’s job is currently vacant, after Fabio Capello’s departure last month, and Redknapp has been talked about by the English media, particularly Fleet Street, as if he is the nailed on certainty, the only possible choice. He’s also referred to as the fans’ choice – for instance, Match of the Day has said that the only people in the country who don’t want him to be England manager are the fans of his current club.

While I don’t totally disagree with his good press, I do to a large extent.

I’ve written an opinion piece for Born Offside, presenting the counterargument to the pro-Redknapp press.

2 thoughts on “Harry’s Flaws”

  1. I like the pic of Darren Bent and Di Canio looks a bit like Nicholas Cage at first glance.

    Interesting piece you put together actually. I would comment but it means registering.


    1. Whenever I’ve seen di Canio this season, he seems to be dressed either as a suave madman or a farmer. Him and Cage definitely have similar levels of crazy going on.

      Thanks for the compliment – I’m not even ‘anti-Redknapp’ really, it’s just that the uncritical positive press annoys me. He’s clearly a talented but very flawed manager, and that’s not really reflected in his media coverage.

      Born Offside’s commenting’s done through Disqus – you can post as a guest or through twitter/facebook, but you have to enter text into the box first.
      Not that I’m trying to twist your arm into doing it or anything!


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