The Phantom Menace? In Three Dimensions? Wow!

I’m going to do something I’ve been planning to for a while – recommend some videos.
I still don’t really know what I’m doing here with the blog, so I’m throwing everything at the wall in the hope that some things stick.

The first is from ‘Honest Trailers’ – they do alternate trailers for films that are…well, more honest.
This is from the 3d release of The Phantom Menace. It’s decent, with one or two good jokes (mainly later on), but not hilarious.

I brought up the previous video, despite clearly not being overwhelmed by it for a reason – to compare against an actual promo for the film.
Bear in mind that the video above is a deliberate parody, pointing out the worst part of the film deliberately, for the purpose of comedy. It may be an obvious thing to say, but the video above is trying to be funny, and more or less succeeds.

Compare that to what, as I’m aware, this is an actual promo for the film.
(I’m very skeptical, just because of how bad it is, but I can’t find any direct contradiction).

See why I was skeptical?
My instinct was to hope it’s real, thinking that it captures perfectly the obliviousness Lucas has been accused of over the prequels.
But if it was a parody that actually wouldn’t be too bad – the tone it captures is perfect for a spoof of that film – tapping into and bringing out the worst aspects of the film in a subtle, deadpan way.

The prequels are accused of being dumbed down so that only kids could possibly enjoy them, that it’s cluttered and incoherent, and the trailer showcases some slightly cringeworthy lines from Anakin Skywalker and Jar Jar Binks, while destroying any sense of drama and gravitas.
Honestly, that second video, which is apparently an actual promo, is one of the best spoof trailers I can remember seeing.

After laughing and pointing at the failures of George Lucas and people who work for George Lucas, I want to move on to genuine greatness.
Nick McKaig, a musician of some sort, has recorded a ‘vocal cover’ of the Simpsons theme tune, recreating the instruments with his own voice. It is pretty amazing.

1 thought on “The Phantom Menace? In Three Dimensions? Wow!”

  1. 3D films are crap, they always look blurry.

    That Simpsons thing is great. I wonder how many takes it took him to do it.

    There was a Serbian choir that did something similar with a load Prodigy tunes:


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