Mitt Romney is a Total Mormon

Mitt Romney, the Mormon former governor of Massachusetts is currently challenging for leadership of the Republican Party, for the right to lose the November election to Barrack Obama.
Palin, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich have all been challenging him for leadership in the polls at different times, with Romney consisting being one of the top two candidates as the different flavours of the month come and go.

It appears that voters are having their doubts about him, whether it’s because he’s a bit on the stiff side and doesn’t have the chattiness of Cain and isn’t as funny as Rick Perry, or it may be because his background is in what’s known as ‘vulture funds’, which you know won’t be a good thing.

Gingrich wants to build a colony on the Moon. Seriously. No wonder Romney looks dull by comparison

Anyway, there’s a magazine called Mormon Today! which is totally a real thing and definitely not made up, who are running a poll to find America’s favourite Mormon. And what do you know, Romney’s position in this poll parallels his position within the presidential race. It’s as if the whole thing were made up for satirical purposes.

I covered the latest news in the compilation of Mormon Today!’s poll.

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