A Very Late Monday Recap

I’ve said that I intend to recap everything I’ve written, and the best of the sites I’m associated with, once a week on Monday. I’ve been away over the weekend, on an extravegant holiday full of sunshine and beaches, so I have a limited excuse for missing my self-set deadline this time.
On the assumption that it’s better late than never, I’m going to recap the previous week’s writing now.

Before leaving for my glamorous getaway I’d witten the latest edition of the Lower League Week, as well as a review of Robert Harris’ novel The Ghost. The latter is here on the blog, the former is linked from a previous post.

Born Offside has extended the series of weekly recaps. As well as the continuing English round-up, there’s a new Scottish weekly column, and one following the Dutch league.

Over at The Leaky Wiki, David-Troi Sweatt reported on the reason Facebook didn’t join the SOPA strike, and Matthew Kahn reported that a new Drug Abuse Resistance Education programme gives kids bad trips, which generated debate over journalistic accuracy in the comments.

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