The Leaky Wiki

In the past few months I’ve been working as a ‘journalist’ for the prestigious news website The Leaky Wiki.
I’ve had four articles published so far.
As I’ve said before, I will start writing an introductory blog post to each article I write at The Leaky Wiki, complete with any backstory the reader may need to understand the sloppy, badly written jokes I’m trying to make.
The line written in bold will be the link to The Leaky Wiki.

The first is an article on Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, football’s world governing body. Sepp Blatter oversaw the award of the 2018 World Cup to Qatar, and when asked about the fact that homosexuality is still illegal in Qatar, advised that gay football fans ‘refrain from sexual activity’

I covered the shock news that shook the football world, that the awarding of the Qatar World Cup was not motivated by bribery.

A close run election

In the 2008 presidental election between Obama and McCain, Samuel Wurzelbacher (known as Joe the Plumber, despite not being a plumber and being called Sam, because logic is not welcome in politics) became a symbolic representation both candidates sucked up to, as an idealised version of the middle class voter.
The Tea Party is a growing American political pressure group/fancy dress party/proto-cult based around a simplified version of the Boston Tea Party as they misunderstand it to have been.
They are very ‘skeptical’ over the government and those who govern, with many of them open-minded over whether Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or Pluto, despite the masses of evidence saying that yes, he was definitely born in Hawaii, what the hell are you talking about you imbecile.
Stick it to the man, I say.

I sat down for a one-on-one interview with one of the leading members of the Tea Party.

I think it was this debate where they discussed Joe the Plumber
I think it was this debate where they discussed Joe the Plumber

I assume you’ve heard of Bill O’Reilly, the irrationally angry American rightwing political pundit?
If not, I’m jealous of your pure innocence, and here, watch this.

Keith Olbermann, the former MSNBC pundit, is pretty much O’Reilly’s opposite and equal – liberal where O’Reilly is conservative, equally as angry, and pretty childishly dickish. He had a feature on his weekly show where he named three people ‘the worst people in the world’ each week.
I haven’t seen much of his show, but unless Mugabe, Kim Jong Il and Piers Morgan were awarded these each week, with an occasional interruption by a Fritzl of the week, it was an overreaction.
Eventually he got into some dumb argument with his bosses, and decided to go and form a new TV station with a former vice president, as you do.

I sat down with Keith Olbermann to discuss his new show.

Bill O’Reilly: The Voice of Reason

Rick Perry, the current governor of Texas, having replaced George Bush in 2000, has been running for president. He appears to get drunk before speeches, owns property with an unfortunate name, and has quite a bad memory.
In early December, he released a campaign video, asking what we’re all thinking.

I sat down to talk with Rick Perry.

A reasonable, calm, leader in waiting

And that’s all I’ve written for The Leaky Wiki so far. I’ll provide more links to future articles, along with backstories.

So – any feedback?
Is my stuff worth reading?
Are my backstories helpful, patronising or just plain irrelevant?
I’d appreciate any comments.

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