Plans for 2012

It seems I’ve let things slip a bit on the blogging. I started off relatively well, but fell away after a few weeks – before this post I’d not written since December 9th.

I’ve not just been sitting on my backside staring out the window though – at least not all the time – I’ve been looking into writing for a few different sites.

If I say this is me in real life, will my hit numbers increase?

From now on, rather than just linking on my twitter feed, I’ll write full blog posts when I link, providing any ‘backstory’ you may need to understand what I’ve written.
For the explanations I’ll assume that my readers, having found their way to such a sophisticated and witty blog, are intelligent. But I will also assume you lack specific information, and hopefully avoid making you feel patronised in the process.

For instance, I’ve written a few articles at The Leaky Wiki, some on subjects relating to American politics, including one resting on American news presenter Keith Olbermann.
There’s no good reason for Brit readers to know who Keith Olbermann is, and no good reason for me to know. Other than the fact I like clogging my brain up with information that I have no practical use for.

I lied earlier – this is what I really look like

I also intend to introduce a few new regular features:
Monday Recap – a recap of all I’ve written, on the blog and elsewhere, each Monday morning (starting from the 9th). Perhaps also with little bits of other weird news stories that’s not got mass attention.
Wednesday Videos – Videos I’ve came across that I think are worth sharing. Some of them will probably be viral videos that are trending at that time and that you may have seen elsewhere, because I’m pretty unimaginative. There’ll be some relatively obscure stuff  that I’d like to share, probably with a bias towards videos created by people in the Northeast of England, either people I know, either well or casually.
Friday Follow – this will be along the same lines as the Twitter idea of the same name – an in depth introduction to a blog or website I really like.
Saturday Story – I’m planning to write in prose every week, more information to follow during the week.
The idea behind all this is that readers will have an idea of what to expect and when, which will hopefully encourage regular readers.

I also intend to write reviews, analyses and opinion pieces more regularly, to add more meat to the bones of the blog.
Here’s to a more productive 2012 for noonebutabloghead.

4 thoughts on “Plans for 2012”

  1. I am an intelligent person and this blog is certainly sophisticated and witty. Now I have discovered that you are a girl who looks good in jeans whilst staring out the window I will definitely visit more often.

    Updating your blog more regularly is a good idea. If people stumble across it and see you hardly ever post they are less likely to comment or come back.


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