Holistic Manchester City

Shortly after the sacking of Roberto Martinez, and before the appointment of Manuel Pellegrini, representatives from Manchester City started talking about ‘holistic management’. They got a decent amount of mockery about this, from fans and the mainstream media.

They must be a bunch of hippies in this place
They must be a bunch of hippies in this place

Writing for Bornoffside, in a piece published yesterday, I took a look at what the term means, and why the club think it’s important.

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Last Saturday’s Week

Okay, catching up a little with the blog.  Firstly, I’m planning to start writing regular features pretty soon, promise.

I’ve now started writing for – an up and coming English football website that I think will get a fair bit bigger over the course of the year.
You should start reading now, so you know all about Born Offside before your friends, bug them about how cool it is when they’ve not heard about it, and, eventually, they’ll grudgingly accept that you did know about Born Offside before them, so you must be really cool.

This is what cool looks like

My feature on Born Offside will be a weekly column, recapping the biggest events in the lower leagues. So, if you want to know about the goings on at Bristol Rovers and Swindon Town (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?) you’ll be able to read my weekly column.

The first edition of The Lower League Week went up on August seventh