Alternative Film Synopsis: Casino Royale

Witty romantic comedy. James Bond is a hitman and a sociopath, with an MI5 approved licence to kill. Vesper Lynd is a government accountant.
When the pair spend a weekend together playing cards, will sparks fly?
And can Vesper make James see that there’s more to life than the exhilirating high of murder?

USMC-110922-M-0381W-001 by US Department of Defence                            Taken from Wikimedia Commons


Alternative Film Synopsis: Ghostbusters

Three university scientists, accused by their dean of sloppy methods, at least one of whom has faked positive results, are kicked out of academia.

They then enter the private sector, where they present their crackpot theories as fact, and make a fortune, in the process avoiding environmental regulations and locking up the immortal souls of the recently deceased without any form of legal process.

Ghostbusters_(5763456335) by Gage Skidmore                 Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Who ya gonna call?